Want to change the world? Want to create wealth for your community? Join the program that was named one of the 20 ideas that can change the world by Forbes Magazine and a program that has helped over 2,000 students build their dreams. 

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How LITE Works:

1. Students come to LITE with a passion and they learn how to build this passion into a business or non-profit.

2. Students learn how to market, budget, communicate, and network with their idea.

3. Students launch their idea in the community and pitch it to a group of 400 people at LITE Pitch Night. 

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5 Reasons to join LITE:

1. It's free!

2. We help students launch businesses, secure paid internships, and get money to launch businesses after college.

3. 100% of our students have gone onto college or have a full-time job.

4. You get to work on what you are passionate about. Imagine learning real-word skills while working on your dreams.

5. Students love it. Over 98% of students said they'd highly recommend the program.